So Guess What I Went To The LMFAO Concert On May 23rd,2012 And I Have To Say That The LMFAO Concert Was Absolutely Positively Amazing Sky Blu Kept Looking At Me…Sky Blu Vibed To Me That He Liked My Shirt And RedFoo Looked At Me Once…My Seats Were Section:125 Row:L Seat:16 Soo I Had Real Good Seats…Get This Sky Blu Was Looking Directly At Me And So Was RedFoo,Sky Blu Kept Looking At Me To The Point Where I Lost Count  Of How Many Times He Looked At Me,After They Did Party Rock Anthem I Left And Sky Blu Looked At Me One Last Time Cause He Saw Me Leaving And He Blew Me A Kiss,It Was The Best Night Of My Life…Great Job LMFAO And Sky Blu’s New Haircut Looked Awesome.






  Me And My 2 Favorite People At The LMFAO Concert With Me…This Is  Our Shirts…He Vibed That He Liked My Shirts.


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